Through play 

Learning to think

다르게 생각하는 방법을 발견할 수 있도록

상상할 수 있는 즐거움을 만들 수 있도록

우리 아이를 위한 즐거운 첫번째 고민 

아토큐브 놀이연구의 시작입니다.

Experience of self definition

Create a play experience that creates your own answers through play, such as finding new discoveries and finding ways to play for yourself through nature, even if someone does not tell you.

ATTOCUBE is a brand signature product that combines about 2.3 billion images and 6 picture patterns on each side, connecting pictures and words to improve cognitive abilities.

Grow problem-solving skills

Create a mutual learning environment, not a one - way education, so that you can imagine yourself and solve problems while making your own world.
We study creative expression through spatial perception power that can shape image form and structure and play education for new synesthesia development of digital convergence.

Grows together 

Create a play culture that creates emotional power and positive emotions by creating what you imagine through play.
A single thought meets another thought and grows and creates an opportunity to endlessly discover potential imagination.

History & Award


· CE certification and ISO certification

· MOU with Korea Kindergarten Association 

· MOU with Korea Learning Institute 

· Korea Founding League Metropolitan Area  Awarded Grand Prize in Gyeonggi province


· Participated in 2016 MWC Barcelona (KT Collaboration and VIP Demonstration)

· KIC-Washington Math Challenge Local Childcare Program selected

· Participated in 2016 GCA Silicon Valley

· Signed MOU with Gyeonggi-do National Daycare Association

· Signed MOU with Mongolian Nursery Association

· Signed MOU with four kindergartens in London, UK

· KC certification, 6 domestic and overseas patents, 5 trademark applications

· Registration of 36 Copyright

· K-Design Award

· Designated as a procurement commodity for venture start-up by the Public Procurement Service

· Participation in Global SOCs in Hong Kong

· Participated in Shenzhen Maker Fair in China


· Competition Culture Creation Hub Hacker Tone Win

· K-ICT was selected as a business support business for overseas expansion

· International PCT patent application

· Participated in 2015 Global Start-up Korea

· MOU with Yongin Haorim Kindergarten

· Participation in SLUSH Finland

· KIC-Silicon Valley Local Childcare Program


· Established Atocube Co., Ltd.

· Completed patent registration of Atocube